OSfest let’s have ya

It’s the first festival of the summer so I’m off to Shropshire to present OSfest with Katy P from Capital FM


Dan Wilton

If you know anything about music journalism and photography you probably have heard of the amazingly talented Dan Wilton. He had an exhibition not so long ago and I was honoured when he asked if me to come into his studio to get my picture taken.

Check it out. http://www.danwilton.co.uk/personal/fuck-off-i-love-you/

Clayton Wright in 'Fuck off, I love you' exhibition by Dan Wilton

Will and Kate’s Wedding

In years to come people will look back and remember where they were and how they celebrated getting an extra bank holiday. I must admit I can be a little cynical at times but the ladies at Dalston’s W.I. proved me wrong and reminded me how lovely it was to be British. I went down to the Land of Kings Festival and once again strapped on the dog collar to marry couples after Will and Kate. It was a smashing day filled with cake and scones and quite a few Mojitos. Thanks Kate and Willy for the day off, it was great fun.

Watching the wedding at Land of KingsWatching the wedding at Land of KingsClayton Wright marrying a happy coupleClayton Wright marrying a happy coupleMe marrying a happy coupleDJ at the Land of KingsCAKE!!!Clayton Wright on the front page of the Hackney Citizen

Egg Roll and Splash Mob 2011

Clayton WrightEgg Roll 2011
“Hurrah” I hear you cry. Spring is officially here. To mark this momentous occasion when we shed our winter warmers and reveal those very pasty legs we have been keeping concealed, myself and the lovely nonsense facilitators at Lost & Found held our annual tradition of egg rolling down Primrose Hill.

Egg Roll was six years old this April and we celebrated its birthday and mine by getting out our famous water slide out as well. I compered the competitions and games which were all free fun so that anyone can turn and play.

What’s this silliness all about then?

Egg Roll is just Lost & Found’s way of giving back some free fun to the community. It’s the prefect ‘egg-cuse’ for a day out and a reason to dress up. Each year we run a competition for the best dressed egg and people decorate their eggs in the most elaborate way as possible. The competition gets more and more fierce each year with people really going to town, building full sets and backdrops for their little eggs. Bless.
Best dressed eggBest dressed eggBest dressed eggBest dressed egg
As well as dressing up the eggs, people make the effort wearing Spring related costume. We then host egg rolling races for adults and kids, a three-legged race and egg and spoon.

Clayton Wright hosting Egg Roll 2011Egg Roll 2011Egg Roll 2011Egg Roll 2011Egg Roll 2011Egg Roll 2011
After we have ‘egghausted’ all the egg puns we get out the water slide and throw ourselves down the hill in honour of those brave eggs that got scrambled. Thanks for all that came and joined us on such a wonderful day, I hope you had fun and we will see you next year. Also special thanks to Jim Hanner and Alex Simmons for the photos. Egg x

There I go. Weeee!Splash Mob 2011Splash Mob 2011Splash Mob 2011Splash Mob 2011Splash Mob 2011