Secret Garden Party 2011

Paint fight at SGP

'The Greatest Show on Earth' posterIt’s taken me all this time since sunny July to finally get the glitter out of my hair and be able to put into words the amazing time I had presenting at Secret Garden Party this summer. It’s always one of my UK festival highlights with lovely hot weather and even hotter people that attend it. 

Clayton Wright and Katy Poulsom from Secret FM

This year SGP decided to take over the airwaves and broadcast 24 hours a day from their very own radio station on-site, Secret FM. We ‘rinsed it out’ from our pink and brown shipping container, complete with all the latest studio equipment and even a sound-proof recording studio. It was a tight squeeze but I managed to get all six members of Skinny Lister, their rum jugs and even their Cello inside it. 

Clayton Wright and the presenters and DJ's of my Secret FM radio show

I had the privilege of presenting two shows a day, that way I made sure everyone within a five mile radius driving to the site, camping and even queuing had a chance to listen to the incredible twaddle I was chatting. We also streamed live through the web, which meant we even picked up fans in Brazil, Ola! As always I was joined by my old friend and presenting partner Katy P from Capital FM and DJ and T.E.E.D dancer Nina Ribena who made sure three was definitely a party. 

Live set at Secret FM

My team presented the very modestly titled ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, and yes it was everything it set out to be and more. With live acoustic sets, guest DJs, massive tunes and some very odd but truly insightful interviews, which we mixed up with some top notch banter… all together that lot should really pick me up a Sony Award. 

Ian Bruce from The Correspondents performs on the main stageBearded Kitten Girls at Paint FightSunset on the lake at SGPSecret Garden PartyYES, sign on the lake at SGP

We busted a gut and punctured many an eardrum that week. Everyone involved put in long hours to make sure this first year of Secret FM was a success. IT WAS. We had thousands of listeners worldwide, which is a testament to the love people have for this festival. Audio highlights of my show will soon be available here.

I must thank all my guests that joined me behind the decks for a spin, a sing and a chat. You made some incredible listening and at times some incredibly scary listening. Thanks to Ibiza Space resident DJ Tim Fanucci (who saved my bacon many times that weekend), Sunday Best‘s Fear of Theydon and Leeland Crane, Zara from T.E.E.D, Mojo Filter, Penny Lee Brown from Capital FM, Klaus the King of German House, Tribes, Mark Stevenson, The Lovely Eggs, Skinny Lister, David Rodigan, Alabama 3, Mylo, Ngaio Anyia and the man who invented The Veggie Burger for an interesting chinwag. Also a massive thank you to Ben DeVere, Laura Thorn, Count Sizzle and all the radio station crew. Without you we would have been talking to ourselves. See you next year.

Main StageThe floating stage at SGPSecret FM studioSunset by the main stageBlonde performs on the main stageThe Artful Badgers

Photos courtesy of Secret Garden Party photographers Danny North and Andrew Whitton.


OS FEST: The Interviews

Example, Goldie Lookin Chain, Parade, Missing Andy, Tinchy Stryder and The Feeling. 

Tribes: ‘Sappho’ Video

So they are set to be the next ‘big’ English band, who have already had rave reviews from Zane Lowe and music critics alike. Tribes next single ‘Sappho’ was filmed in East London and I was lucky enough to be invited down to party with the boys wearing some very dubious drag. Spot me looking like Sarah Harding on acid. Here it is. Enjoy. 

Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch!

The Correspondents Logo

Washington Square, The Correspondents

Ian Bruce and Tim Cole, otherwise known as Mr Bruce and DJ Chuckles, together form the amazing festival favorites known as The Correspondents. Their brand of rap fused with swing is legendary on the circuit and never fails to get anyones brogues tapping away. They have worked their way up to the top of some of the biggest festival stages in the UK and are set for yet another jam packed summer of fun. 

One day my wife Jayde Adams came to me holding a corset and a pair of filly knickers and told me mince around for one of her youtube spoofs. After I put it on upside down (of course) I agreed. This is directed by Ryan Andrews, who directed Jamie and Ray Winstone in Ellie Hopkins, this our version of their hit ‘Washington Square’.

Up and Off It!

You may of seen Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding when they performed on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Myself and comedian Jayde Adams thought we would do our own version after meeting them on a night out on the town. As you will agree, we are just as good! 

Bold Tendencies

Frank's CafeLast week I went to the opening of Bold Tendencies, a summer sculpture project which exhibits on the roof top of a multi-storey car park in Peckham, London. Alongside the exhibition is the very cool Frank’s Cafe sponsored by Campari. You’re able to get sloshed whilst looking over an incredible London landscape and talk rubbish to hot Goldsmith’s College students about the contemporary art you saw down on the floor below. Sweet. My mate Paloma Gormley designed the bar and performance theatre together with Lettuce Drake, both from Practice Architecture. This year, all five senses are treated as the art space has expanded and now encompasses a mix of performance including poetry readings, film screenings, live music, sculpture and freshly made cocktails at Frank’s, no wonder it’s called Bold. It’s on now till the 30th of September and it’s free to get in. 

Frank's CafeThe price of danger by Camille HenrotStay with me baby by The Bruce High Quality FoundationAdaptable Broadwalk (with three genetic drifts) by David BrooksHarry and Clayton Wright at Frank's CafeThe night time view from Frank's