Bold Tendencies

Frank's CafeLast week I went to the opening of Bold Tendencies, a summer sculpture project which exhibits on the roof top of a multi-storey car park in Peckham, London. Alongside the exhibition is the very cool Frank’s Cafe sponsored by Campari. You’re able to get sloshed whilst looking over an incredible London landscape and talk rubbish to hot Goldsmith’s College students about the contemporary art you saw down on the floor below. Sweet. My mate Paloma Gormley designed the bar and performance theatre together with Lettuce Drake, both from Practice Architecture. This year, all five senses are treated as the art space has expanded and now encompasses a mix of performance including poetry readings, film screenings, live music, sculpture and freshly made cocktails at Frank’s, no wonder it’s called Bold. It’s on now till the 30th of September and it’s free to get in. 

Frank's CafeThe price of danger by Camille HenrotStay with me baby by The Bruce High Quality FoundationAdaptable Broadwalk (with three genetic drifts) by David BrooksHarry and Clayton Wright at Frank's CafeThe night time view from Frank's

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