Camp Bestival 2011

Camp Bestival

It’s that special time of year where I get to get to put on a pair of silly specs and don the mighty Bestival Bluecoat, playing child friendly games that will regress even the grumpiest of grandads back to their carefree days of adolesence. The Bestival Bluecoats are the hosts of Camp Bestival spreading joy to both parent and child alike. They are run by Lost & Found, the notorious funsters and entertainers that definitely know their Zingzillas from their Teletubbies. This festival is a veritable lollapalooza of childish delights ranging from the incredible Mr Tumble to The Gruffalo. It also has some legendary music acts for Mum and Dad to enjoy when the kids are all tucked up in bed. I compèred with the Bluecoat Team as well as leading the fancy dress parade with Lost & Found. Of a night time, the Bluecoat came off and we hosted the Silent Disco tent during the DJ battles between Rob da Bank and Sunday Best‘s Sombrero Sound System. Fun.

Clayton WrightClayton Wright playing the Yes/No game with The Blue CoatsThrow another shrimp on the BarbieClayton Wright and Lost & Found dressed in Prangsta Costumes

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