Bestival 2011

Bestival 2011Tree-habSo this year was my 6th Bestival. I’ve been there since the early days, working away in some sort of capacity. This year I worked alongside Lost & Found once more to host Bestival’s new stage, The Wishing Tree. We adopted the guise of rehab therapists that cured people of their obsessions with celebrity culture; Tree-habWe cured some very sick people of their disturbing conditions including one poor fellow who had been obsessed with Wagner from X-Factor for over a year.

Inside The Wishing Tree

When we weren’t healing people at The Wishing Tree we went mobile dressed as personal trainers who were all obsessed with Cheryl Baker. We set out to break as many world records as possible. I still hold the title of ‘Fastest Jacob’s Cracker Eaten’ at 19.49 seconds. Dry mouth has never been so celebrated. Dressed in the finest of spandex, we also welcomed all the guests that arrived on the Thursday and Friday at the gates doing some Limbo with an excited Madonna (impersonator). 

Clayton Wright with the Lost & Found Record Breakers

On Thursday night I was asked to host a show on Bestival Radio, after the success of my Secret Garden Party Radio efforts. It was a great honour to be part of it and I DJ’ed next to some big guns that came over to do the same including Katy B and Hercules and Love Affairs’s Andy Butler who played straight after me. 

The crowd at the main stage SundayOn Sunday Lost & Found were asked to warm up the crowd before Robyn on the main stage. I got the chance to stretch it out and do some hilarious fitness routines in front of 40,000 people. Other highlights of mine were supporting my friends T.E.E.D who performed with Friendly Fires and Hercules and Love Affair at The Big Top. The Maccabees truly rocked my world this weekend and I also had some rather amazingly awkward conversation with the lovely Björk.


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