Rob da Bank’s ‘Festive Festival Hangover’ special

Radio 1 Logo Every year I join Bestival organiser and Radio 1 DJ, Rob da Bank for his Christmas special on Radio 1. Each year I turn up to Maida Vale with Lost & Found, to host the programme and perform on radio completely tinseled up to the max. We have just about covered everything fancy dress theme from the blessed nativity to a full-scale Band Aid reunion. This year our ridiculousness continued as we adopted the guises of a Bavarian Folk Group (think German Christmas Market). Normally we sing on helium but “Elf and Safety” sadly wouldn’t allow us to this year. Luckily I know a trio of amazing delights called Goodbye Leopold that saved our bacon and kept this sacred tradition alive. With these three beauties onboard I was unstoppable and ready to inject Maida Vale with a huge flu jab sized dose of fun. Goodbye Leopold sang two backwards carols beautifully, watch the video below, even Mark Ronson who was playing on the show was impressed. The show also featured Jamie N CommonsAzari & IIICrystal Fighters and finishing it off was myself with my Bavarian dressed friends. I taught the bands and Rob how to yodel and sung a very wonky version of ‘Silent Night’ in German. Funny stuff. Merry Christmas.

Clayton Wright, Rob da Bank, Mark Ronson and Goodbye LeopoldMark Ronson on Rob da Bank's 'Festive Festival Hangover'Rob da Bank at Maida ValeRob da Bank's 'Festive Festival Hangover'

Clayton Wright on Radio 1

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