Jekyll and Hyde Video Viral Released

I was recently asked to produce a video viral to promote Jekyll and Hyde The Musical at The Union Theatre. This is not like the previous versions of this theatre production, it doesn’t include any hammed up acting and there won’t be any well dressed prostitutes singing in a naff cockney accent about syphilis. Instead this will explore the dark themes and subject content bravely unlike it’s predecessors. This visionary piece of theatre has been the brain child of Morphic Graffiti


J&H Viral Storyboard J&H Viral Storyboard J&H Viral Storyboard J&H Viral Storyboard

Clayton Wright on set for Jekyll and Hyde

The Concept

Jekyll struggles, a man possessed, plagued by the demonic voice and the impulses of his alter-ego. We look at his obsession for Lucy, driven by primal urges of lust and rage. He is beast like, no longer human. We reference the landmarks of the musical, his father’s watch, the telephone he uses to murder the Bishop and see him transform into Hyde. A predator. Ever present and lurking in the shadows unnoticed. I play on the fears we have today. The fear we carry when we walk home late at night. Hyde feeds on these fears. He leaves Lucy his calling card, a symbol of death that signifies he is not through with her yet. 

Quote from Morphic Graffiti:
‘The clarity of his vision was evident from the start and allowed the filming and editing to create something dark, sinister and foreboding. His attention to detail was incredible and his visual instincts and storytelling are crystal clear. It has captured the imagination of our audiences, been seen across the globe and sparked discussion and interest from the original writers of the piece, to West End producers and those intrigued by our take on the original story. We cannot wait to work on the next project with him!’


All over your chest

If you wanna look cool this summer take a tip out of music mogul and king of everything Josh Jones who is not only the editor of Le Cool MagazineSup MagazineStroke FacePavement Licker and Festival Annual but he also has incredible fashion sense. Consider him your shining example! Josh Jones

EGG 2012

Clayton Wright and Lost and FoundYes it was that magical time of year. A day when daffodils dance, when hot cross bunnies mate like rabbits and when we stand at the top of Primrose Hill and scream “EGG!” It was Lost & Found’s 7th year of egg rolling and this year we really EGGhausted all the egg puns with our theme of Rock & Egg-Roll. As always there was ‘The Best Dressed Egg’ competition and this year our contestants took it to a new level so EGGtreme it gave me a nose bleed to look up at their efforts. Our winner was the Damien Hirst inspired ‘The physEGGl impossiblity of an omelette in the mind of a chicken’ which scrambled many a hungover brain and smashed the competition. We also of course had the children’s Egg Roll or The Mini Egg, adults, three legged and Man vs EGG or Russian RoEGGlette. The idea is simple, boils some eggs and leave a few soft. Man then head-butts the egg to see weither he can destroy it or will he be left with Egg on his face. Many came, some conquered but Egg had the final say. All that’s left for me to say is, “Who left the homeless guy in charge of the wet wipes”. No yoking about! 

Man vs EGG