What did you do this summer?

I did this. Watch me and my Kitten brethren smash Secret Garden Party up at our venues The Colosillyum and The Coming Out Bar. Relive the summer. 


Movember Party

Love mustaches, love your balls. Well grow some facial hair and I will see you at the Movember Parties because I will be your hairy host with the also hairy Legs Akimbo.Movember


2 million views… arrgh!

The official viewing figures for Bestival live on youtube from Bestival HQ were 2 million plus.

That’s 2 million people that had the pleasure of watching Dave The Unicorn on Main Stage.

Clayton Wright, best known as Dave The Unicorn, hosts Bestival 2012


Roll up, Roll up

I’ve run away with the Circus. Dr Clive’s Circus to be precise. Please come and watch.Clayton Wright in Dr Clive's CircusBook tickets.


Save the unicorns

For every ‘like’ on our Bearded Kitten facebook 1 penny goes to abused unicorns. Bearded Kitten



Yep. Bear loves Penguin. Little Gay Brother presents My Big Fat Dalston Wedding