Movember. The month of bad facial hair and with the added fact I have a massive cold sore it’s well and truly the month I won’t get laid. As least it’s all for charity, which also means you can say the word ‘prostate’ without fear of offending anyone. Oh and I’m hosting an official Mo party with Legs Akimbo. You can expect ridiculous Mo themed games, SHARPS Barber and Shop providing a barber for Mo maintenance and removal as well as Mo DJs spinning a fine mix of hip hop, house, garage and party jams. Hairy Fun. Movember Party


My Big Fat Dalston Wedding

Thanks to all that came. All the DJs, performers and Dalston Superstore.

Bear loves Penguin and they lived happily ever after. Photos on the LGBpresents FB.LGBpresents My Big Fat Dalston WeddingCheck out the what Dalston Superstore said. See you at the next party.