Le Cool Magazine Interview

Le Cool love. Bear Loves Penguin. This Saturday. Read the interview. 

Terry Vietheer and Clayton Wright in Le Cool Magazine


All over your chest

If you wanna look cool this summer take a tip out of music mogul and king of everything Josh Jones who is not only the editor of Le Cool MagazineSup MagazineStroke FacePavement Licker and Festival Annual but he also has incredible fashion sense. Consider him your shining example! Josh Jones

“Oh love me, love me, love me…. PLEASE!”

Soho Theatre Logo

So the critics came, they saw, they laughed (thank God) and they reviewed us in our  West End debute. Yes Gideon Reeling or as Time Out call us ‘Punchdrunk offshoots and bespoke theatrical troupe Gideon Reeling bring their deliciously wonky take on the Xmas Party to the Soho Theatre.’
Time Out

‘It’s the Christmas Party season. But before you go to your awful evening, you should go to this – the most bizarre office Xmas party you will ever attend. I went to last year’s critically acclaimed, sell-out run and it’s bananas.‘ Le Cool 

‘expect to be immersed into a hilarious world of grotty Santas and scary elf-men as the assistants lead you through a host of seasonal feats, party games and comedy songs.’ Time Out

Come and see for yourself. It’s running until the 23rd of December. This year’s show guarantees to replace all your humbugs with festive cheer. Warning show contains tinsel, mince pies, nuts and bulimia. Any allergies to fun must be left at the front door. Chrimbo kisses from Mr Reeling and his Assistants.